Design Inspirations: J.K. Place, Capri

With the International Gift Fair in town this week, I have home design on my mind.  So, I thought I would devote this week to places that inspire. You know, places you go to that make you want to to refurnish your home the minute you get back (of course, you may end up with an african safari lodge, moroccan bazaar or new mexican adobe that leaves you scratching your head).  Its all about imagery and few words this week, guys.  Have a hotel that was your nirvana in interior design?…please email me at

With the bone-chilling temperatures outside,  I think there is no better way to start off the week by bringing you to Capri, Italy for my first Design Inspiration: theJK Place in Capri. Designed by the Florentine architect/designer Michele Bonan (who also designed the gorgeous Lungarno suites in Florence, Portrait Suites in Rome, among others), this 22-room hotel is a stunner. Open since 2007, the JK Place is located on the edge of town and the only hotel with direct access to the beach (the Marina Grande). Each room is individually designed and furnished – I love the contemporary yet classic interiors, luxurious fabrics and mix of subtle and vibrant hues throughout the hotel. It’s a breath of fresh air from the heavier, traditional Italian interiors you often see in villas and hotels in Southern Italy.

There is one comment

  1. sue ann

    hi jackie,
    JK place is my FAVORITE boutique hotel in florence!! see the chairs? i bought 6 of them and had to find a container to ship them over to me, it was an incredibly fun and challenging event but I made it happen! i loooove this place, you have great taste!

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