Quick Getaways…Twin Farms

If you are ready for a quick and romantic weekend getaway (who isn’t?), here is one that should get you motivated to actually go for it instead of dream about it.


On-site pub

Twin Farms in Vermont (rated as one of the top 10 small resorts in almost every travel publication) is offering a “Fall Bonus” special:  Stay 3 nights for the price of 2 in any of the four suites in the Farmhouse at Copper Hill. Three gourmet meals daily, afternoon tea, beverages, wine (from a 26,000 wine collection!) and on-site activities are included. The offer is valid through the end of November. twinfarmsroom

For those of you unfamiliar with this wonderful place, Twin Farms is an all-inclusive country estate nestled on 300 acres just 10 miles north of Woodstock.

Guests enjoy the use of a handsome pub, full fitness center, spa, lakeside cabana, a 104 degree Japanese-style Furo tub and many recreational activities (hiking, biking, fly-fishing, canoeing, tennis…).  But what Twin Farms is renowned for the most is the decadent cuisine served by the chef, Neil Wigglesworth (name reminds me of a british cartoon character). oystersHe is formerly chef of The Point and Le Gavroche in Paris.

While the prices are pretty steep even with the discount ($1,266 a night),  it’s hard to put a price on ultimate luxury and relaxation. Just a five hour car ride from Manhattan….

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